Duks sales agency are pleased to announce they have selected Icotherm Roof systems as the solid roof solution for their product portfolio 

As a fenestration sales agency, we aim to select the leading products in their categories, and we believe the range of Icotherm roof solutions is the best solid roof solution currently available on the market, thanks to its high performance and ease of installation.

Duks are promoting the Icotherm range of products and will be creating new business and account managing ongoing relationships. Duks will be expanding the Icotherm retail installer network throughout the UK & Ireland.

Priced Right

Fits Right

Sleep Tight

Over 5,000 Solid Roofs Manufacured

Fully building control compliant

Simple to order, easy to fit

Watertight in under 3 hours

Roof lights and skylights

Ico600 Low pitch lean to


IcoSpan - Flat Roof Orangery 


Innovative solid roof designed to breathe

Timber roofs for conservatories and single storey extensions

The Icotherm roof systems have been designed specifically to offer a lightweight, highly insulated solution, that is fast to install to ensure minimum disruption to your home, especially important if you are replacing a glazed roof.

Is condensation a real issue

The Icotherm roof is designed specifically to be ventilated. 

(the blue arrows representing air flow.) 

Combined with the fact that it uses timber, which has low thermal conductivity, results in a low u-value and approval in a low condensation risk analysis. Icotherm roof has passed all BBA condensation testing.

Make sure your roof passes the interstitial condensation tests 

Interstitial condensation is a form of damp that occurs when warm moist air from inside a structure, moves into a wall and reaches the dew point and condenses within the core of the wall to form water.

25mm venting strips and routed vents to allow uninterrupted airflow under the boards:

• Creates a chimney effect

• Eliminates risks of condensation.

Designed with you in mind

  • Fully building reg approved
    • Thermally efficient
    • Speedy installation
    • Tested & approved
    • Structurally approved by specialist engineers. 
    • Building control compliant
    • 10-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects.
    • Eco-friendly timber
    • Customisable / Bespoke designs

    Colour Options

    We offer a range of lightweight tiles that beautifully replicate traditional stone, terracotta and slate. 

    With a wide range of colours, your chosen tiles will match and compliment your home. In addition, your choice of fascia and guttering will provide the finishing touches. 

    Icotherm’s tiles options are UV protected as standard and have the additional benefit of being fire-rated for your peace of mind.

    • IcoSlate  
    • IcoTile 

    Roof Styles

    • Combinations 
    • Edwardian 
    • Victorian
    • Gable
    • Lean To
    • Double Hip Lean To

    Ico600 Low pitch lean to


    IcoSpan - Flat Roof Orangery 


    Why Timber?

    One of timber’s key benefits is that it is naturally insulating, as opposed to aluminium — which is known to be highly conductive.

    Timber has a very low thermal conductivity of 0.16 W/m2k 

     (aluminium is 205.0 W/m2k, it is very good at conducting heat and cold*).

    The completed Icotherm roof offers a U-value of 0.16W/m2k 

     (even better than an insulated house cavity wall: 0.41w/m2k**).

    Our roof can be constructed in any of the typical conservatory shapes (Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable, Combination).

    Thanks to the flexibility in design offered by a timber solution, you can opt to have a completely bespoke room, with an Icotherm roof to match.

    Natural insulator

    Timber is naturally insulating,  

    as opposed to aluminium, which is 

    known to be used for similar solutions.

    Premium quality materials

    Icotherm select only the highest 

    quality timber, using a premium C24 building grade material. 

    FSC certified

    All our structural timber is FSC certified.

    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests.

    • C24 premium grade timber
    • FSC certified
    • Natural thermal insulator
    • Naturally sustainable product
    • Timber Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) timber
    • Timber frames are now used by the major house builders - faster, better insulated and easier to build

    No Tie Bars Needed

    Days are gone of having to use unsightly tie bars within your roof.

    Icotherm have designed strength within their roof system by conceal fixing steel plates welded to the shape of your roof. We call this a Boomerang.

    Steel plates are also used when extra strength is needed for the eaves beam. An example of this would be when a bifold over 2.8m in width is being installed.  


    • 70% Pre-fabricated “pods” - Easier and faster to install
    • No fabrication on site.
    • Simple to assemble pre-numbered pods.
    • Single piece pre-cut rigid EPS insulation.
    • Size option: If for practical reasons (eg access to the installation area) the installers do not wish to work with large / standard size pods, we can build the roof with small pods.

    GluLam eaves beam

    • Glulam Eaves Beam (Engineered Timber), pre-formed & designed with 26mm external overhang and internal 25 degree pitch.
    • Fits directly to the window frame head.
    • No timber packing over window frames.
    • No cold bridging.
    • Extremely strong - braces the head of frames and doorways.
    • 2.8m unsupported bifold span. Above this bifold spam, glulam eaves beam with recessed steel plates are used.

    Sofit Detail

    If Ordered, Sofit Beam is supplied readyassembled and is the same length as the eaves beam. 

    Offer the beam up to the eaves flush with the bottom of the 22mm packer and screw every 

    800mm with 5 x 70mm screws.

    Provided with optional soffit (If Ordered).

    To obtain a price, make a note of the dimensions on the order form and request to be quoted for the soffit beam, with or without soffit.


    • 155mm EPS insulation (engineered polystyrene) 
    • Clean burn, all waste recycled (reground and reformed) – Whereas PIR (polyisocyanurate) is hard to recycle
    • 0.16 u-value as standard, can be adapted to 0.12 (by packing eaves beam and adding layer of insulation) on demand. Required for Scotland.

    Drainage mat

    • Used with Icotile instead of battens for ease and speed.
    • Used on the inside of the pods to ensure proper positioning of the insulation and retain airflow

    Images taken from the icotherm roof strength test - 6.8m X 6.8m Edwardian successfully tested to withstand 5 tonne and 6.125 tonne

    What is included with my roof?

    • Pods, prebuilt, with air vents, and pre-cut insulation 

    • Eaves beams – cut to size

    • Ridge – cut to size

    • Breathable membrane

    • Drainage mat (if using shingle tiles)

    • Eaves cover

    • Starter trim (if using slate tiles)

    • Tiles (if using shingles you might have opted to have them pre-cut) 

    • All fixings

    • Roof window / lantern (if ordered)

    • Installation guide


    See an installation step by step 

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