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Diamond Bevelled 70

The Duraflex 70mm window system is available in 2 profile shapes - featured and bevelled - and can be used in a full range of window, door and conservatory configurations. 

This versatile window solution enables almost any window style to be achieved and works equally well in traditional cottages and contemporary new build homes. 

Featuring multi-chambered uPVC profile, which is designed to achieve the highest levels of thermal and security performance, the Duraflex window system has been meticulously designed to ensure ease of fabrication and installation. 

Diamond Feature 70

Furthermore, all Duraflex window and door systems feature the world’s leading weatherseal gasket - Q-Lon, with lifetime guarantee; delivering exceptional thermal, acoustic and compression performance. 

A full range of ancillaries are available to enable an extensive range of window styles to be manufactured, including Mock Horn, French casements and a dedicated Georgian Bar Collection. 

The 70mm Window system can be internally or externally beaded and is fully integrated within the Duraflex Diamond Suite, ensuring a suited finish and seamless aesthetic to your project. 



Easy-to-clean, thermally efficient and high security, the fully reversible window works with a 180 degree pivot action to give users safe and easy access to the outer pane - making it the perfect choice for high and medium rise applications, or hard to reach locations. 

The Duraflex fully reversible window has been meticulously designed to suite seamlessly with the existing Diamond Suite. Featuring integrated transoms and mullions ensure multi-configurations and styles can be achieved, delivering fabricators and installers complete system compatibility.  

Functionality and performance go hand-in-hand with the Duraflex reversible window, attaining the enhanced security accreditation PAS 24:2016, impressive 0.8 U-Value and outstanding weather performance, with BS6375 severe weather testing; achieving 2400Pa Gusting and 600Pa Water and Air permeability, ensuring peace of mind to specifiers, fabricators and homeowners alike. 



eZee Fit Bead

The new eZee Fit Glazing Bead not only speeds up installation thanks to how easy it is to fit, but it also offers a number of other tangible benefit, including:

  • Enhanced Security Performance PAS24 and Secured by Design
  • Save money by not having to use glass clips
  • Installer friendly
  • Beads tighter in frames so no gaps in corners delivering a perfect fit
  • Chamfered front leg glides easily into bead pocket.

Cavity Closers

The Duraframe Cavity Closers are widely used by the UK's leading housebuilders, delivering a simple and effective solution for sealing cavities to ensure efficient window installation. 

  • High performance, versatile, effective system
  • BBA Accredited Cavity Closer System
  • Suitable for cavity widths of 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm
  • 75mm to 125mm options for check reveal.

Flush Window

Our flush windows are more than just a beautifully designed product, they deliver exceptional performance for fabricators and homeowners alike.

  • 5 Chamber profile to enhance thermal performance
  • Fully Welded and Mechanical Joint options
  • Secured by Design and Part Q specification available
  • Glazing options: 24, 28, 36 and 44mm
  • U-values to 0.8W/(m2K).

Q-Lon for enhanced performance

Continuous research and development, as well as strict material inspection and quality inspections, have made Q-Lon one of the best established sealing systems in the industry today.

  • Operates perfectly in temperatures -20° to 70° with 99% memory recovery
  • Best acoustic and thermal performance across widest temperature range
  • 99% memory recovery. Retains shape year after year
  • Leaves no rigid sprue after welding
  • Manufacturer lifetime guarantee.


PVCu Flush Door

PVCu Residential Door

PVCu Patio Door

PVCu Bifold Door


PVCu Flush Window

PVCu Casement 

PVCu Tilt and Turn

PVCu Fully Reversible

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