Once you see these products, you'll understand the term 'Premium PVCu'. Duks are delighted to be joining the Genesis Collection sales force. 
Duks are expanding the Genesis Collection Installer Network as an additional arm of their sales team as the brand experiences growth. Duks are currently looking for medium - high end retail installers whom are looking for products that help stand out from the crowd.
Please view product information below. Feel free to contact us for further information or to arrange to see a sample.
Premium PVCU - seamless weld - mechanical joint

Seamless Weld Mechanical Joints

Premium Corner Jointing

Looking for PVCu products that will separate you from the crowd. 

We have the solutions.

USP's to help you STAND OUT

  • Premium PVCu Windows and Doors.

  • Innovative Product Range.

  • Delivery Service Nationwide UK.

  • Own Fleet of Transport.

Vertical Sliders

Flush Windows

Bifolds & Patios

Entrance Doors

Not your Standard Upvc Products

Vertical Sliders

Flush Windows

Patio Doors

Bifold Doors

Precision Corner Jointing

Seamless Weld

Designed to look like a modern engineered timber joint.

The corners are welded, but in such a way that the joint line disappears.

The result is a seamless precision engineered corner.

Mechanical Joint

Vertical Sliding windows are manufactured using traditional jointing methods.

This creates a truly authentic, alternative to expensive timber windows.

With all the added benefits of a modern PVCu low maintenance technology.

Featured Products - Genesis VS

Dave Reay Has His Say.

Hear our very own Dave Reay briefly point out a few unique features on our Vertical Sliding Windows that cannot be found on competitor systems.
If you are in the market for a Vertical Sliding window system. Please contact us for further information.

Vertical Sliding Window

Premium VS

Seamless / Mechanical

Easy Release Hinges

Anti Rattle Guides

Wide Range of Colours

Enhanced Security

Traditional Hardware

Energy Efficient A

Colours - VS

Gallery - VS

Timber Alternative Flush Window

Precision Manufacture

Seamless / Mechanical

Exclusive Colours

Enhanced Security

Traditional Hardware

Energy Efficient A

Colours - Flush

Skilled, Dedicated, Experienced Manufacturing Team

We're 100% confident in our seamless weld and timber alternative mechanical joint.

Ask us about how you can join our Genesis Collection Installer Network. 

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