Without a shadow of doubt, the BEST solid roof in the market place. Its a timber frame modular roof system which comes 80% pre-fabricated. It offers complete range of roof designs and is designed to 'breathe' with built in ventilation. There is no project / complexed design that Icotherm will not take on.

Solid Roofs

About Us  

Contract field sales agency whom have partnered up to represent a selection of premier and niche products, all have unique USP's and will add value to our customer base.
Our customers are a mix of windows and door fabricators and middle to high end retail outlets. All of which are looking to be different and stand out from the competition.

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Eco - Friendly Timber

Building control compliant 

Tested and approved

Speedy Installation

10 year guarantee


Thermally efficient

Top quality branded product

Why Timber? 

Timber is a renewable source, used as a building material for Centuries. 

Timber is a naturally insulating product, as apposed to aluminium - which is highly conductive. Timber has a very low thermal conductivity at 0.16 W/m2k (aluminium is 205.0 W/m2k, is it is good at conducting heat and cold) 

A completed Icotherm roof offers a U-value of 0.16 W/m2k, better than an insulated wall cavity at 0.41 W/m2k. 

Natural Insulator

Timber is naturally insulating, as opposed to aluminium, which is known to be used for similar solutions. 

Premium quality materials 

Icotherm select only the highest quality timber, using a premium C24 building grade material.

FSC certified

All structural timber is FSC certified.

Roof Shapes


Also known as Georgian. A simple shape with a square or rectangular footprint.


Single pent roof, can be referred to as a sunroom. Offers clean lines.


Multi-faceted, with 3 or 5 sides. One of the most popular styles 


Modern look with a high (gable) frontage, double pitch, often aligned with the house.

Hipped Lean-to

As per the lean-to, with additional side slopes to the side.


A bespoke shape unique to you, combining any of the above.

Easy Installation