Trade wholesalers - Own Branded 3 Star Cylinders Available. We guaranty continuous 3 months stock holding for business partners.

Shop for 3 Star Security Cylinders

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70mm - 80MM - 90MM - 100MM (pairs)

Standard 3 Star Security Cylinders 

(all cylinders meet PAS 24 standards)

Keyed Alike 3 Star Security Cylinders 

(pairs with matching keys)

3 Star Security range: key - key (both sides)

70mm - 80MM - 90MM - 100MM

3 Star Security range: key - thumb Turn

70mm - 80MM - 90MM - 100MM

Key Alike Door Cylinders with matching Keys (pairs)

What is Key Alike? 

These door cylinders give you the ability to use the same keys on both doors. (i.e - front and back doors have matching keys.

If you require more than two door cylinders Keyed Alike, please contact us.

Keyed Alike 3 Star range: key - key (both sides)

70mm - 80MM - 90MM - 100MM (pairs)

Keyed Alike3 Star range: key - Thumb Turn

70mm - 80MM - 90MM - 100MM (pairs)


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