APS:- AP400 Lift and Slide Door

AP400 Lift and Slide Door

Our lift and slide door with unique easy to operate gear allows extremely large openings and opens up new horizons in design. 

Operation is effortless with all metal mechanisms for extended strength and longevity.  Our system features an innovative rotational cleaning system, synchronised by wheel movement with reinforced resin wheels for near silent operation.


The door system is designed to comply with current UK

  • Air Permeability BS6375      
  • Water Tightness BS6375  
  • Wind Resistance BS6375     
  • Basic Security BS6375 PT3

Materials & Finishes

Aluminium alloy 6060 or 6063 T5 and T6 complying with the recommendations of BS 1559. Polyamide thermal break sections. Polyester powder coated finish to BS6496 thickness 60 microns. There are over 400 RAL or BS colours in gloss, satin or matt finish. Dual colour option is also achievable.


All frame and opening profiles are mitre cut with crimped and mechanically jointed aluminium corner cleats.

Ironmongery & Fittings

Multi-point locking gear operated by the lifting lever handle.  All metal gear, resin wheels and night latch locking.  Door can support 300kg as standard with option for 400kg with additional carriages.


The door system is designed to accommodate 28mm and 30mm double glazing and 42mm and 44mm triple glazing, internally or externally glazed.

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