Reasons WHY you should look into Finger Scanners for your Home Security

Your door with a finger scanner.



Combine design, convenience and security with an ekey fingerprint access system.

 Impossible to lock yourself out—your finger is always on hand!

  • No more lost or stolen keys
  • The ultimate protection against unauthorized copies
  • Unwanted access transfer impossible—unlike with a card, code or key
  • Easy administration

 No more keys annoying you or getting lost during sports activities. Enjoy a new-found sense of freedom. Coming home made easy.

 A front door with a finger scanner makes your daily life simpler, more convenient and secure. Biometric access and authentification systems are on moving forward! Keys, cards and codes can be lost, forgotten or passed on—but not your fingerprint!


 …that the ekey finger scanner can be integrated elegantly into the door of your choice

 …that you can still open your door using a key as an alternative


 … that the door locks automatically – because your insurance is unlikely to cover an unlocked door?

 …that ekey finger scanners automatically adapt to the growth of children’s fingers?

 … that ekey products are smart home-ready, making them compatible with many building control and home automation systems?

 … that design elements in a wide range of colors are available to integrate? Simply choose the color that suits your needs.

…that ekey gives you a 5-year quality guarantee?

… that ekey finger scanners are 1,000 times more secure than a 4-digit code?


With an ekey finger scanner, you’ll always have the most secure key possible on hand.

The kind of security that each person looks for is as unique as their own fingerprint. So using your finger as your own personal key is the logical next step – and an inherently more secure solution than conventional keys, cards, or codes.

  • Break-in protection with added convenience:
  • Keyless convenience with ekey finger scanners. 
  • A smart break-in protection system.
  • More flexibility with convenient ekey access control systems.
  • Access control with ekey finger scanners.
  • Intelligent support for mechanical break-in protection.


The door that’s always securely locked.

Equipped with intelligent ekey finger scanner access solutions and state-of-the-art multi-point locks, smart doors deliver outstanding security and convenience.

All the components you need for your house door can be integrated into any frame material.

It’s the full package – a convenient door solution for young and old alike.


Less to worry about, more convenience to enjoy

With a finger scanner access control system, you’ll always have the most secure “key” possible on hand – your own finger. Up to 99 different users can save their finger in the system as their own personal door opener. Thanks to its use of biometric recognition, pairing, and a patented method of intelligent data encryption, our finger scanner is a vastly superior solution to conventional keys, cards, and numerical codes. Why? The answer is simple – you can’t pass on your finger to anyone else! Our app also makes user administration easy and secure.


Never give your keys a second thought again!

Imagine having the reassurance that you’ll never have to think about locking up ever again – thanks to an automatic multi-point lock in combination with an ekey finger scanner access solution.

As soon as the door closes, it locks securely all by itself. So you’ll feel all the benefits of a multi-point lock designed to prevent break-ins, and comply with insurance conditions that say a door isn’t really closed until it’s locked.

Closed. Locked. Secure.

You can also take advantage of connections to monitoring systems and building automation. For security that suits your needs.


Tips and insights

Door purchasing guide

“I wish I’d known that before!”

Making the wrong decision when purchasing a door can end up costing you serious money.

That’s why it’s great to have the door professionals from “MANUFACTURER” by your side right from the planning stage.


Good planning saves money!

Make sure to invest enough time in the process of planning your ideal door solution, and go back over your plan several times to ensure you haven’t missed anything. Once the project is further down the line, it can be very expensive to retrofit elements that weren’t considered during the planning stage.

We know that the process of building a house needs to stick to a tight schedule.

And that many questions can come up when planning what kind of access solution the house should have.


Everything you ever wanted to know about front doors: Your questions answered!


Is there an alternative to a key?

              Yes! With an ekey finger scanner, your finger becomes a convenient key.

What convenience can a state-of-the-art door with a finger scanner offer?

              It means coming home made easy – so you’ll never think about, search for, or lose your key again.

What is a motorized lock? Is it secure?

It locks the house door automatically. The advantage: from an insurance perspective, your door is considered locked only once it is bolted. The motorized lock works in conjunction with an ekey finger scanner to ensure this, providing a preventive break-in solution.

What are the advantages of today’s technology?

              There is so much to choose from – finger scanners, motorized locks, multi-point locks, connections to building control systems, and more.

Your specialized door dealer will be happy to advise you on the best choice for you.

Which house door is right for me?

              Find the right combination of the kind of design, convenience, and security for you—depending on who will be coming and going.

              Make a carefully considered decision that’s fit for the future.

What is an ekey finger scanner?

It’s an access solution that makes use of biometrics. With a finger scanner, your finger becomes your key. The system recognizes your unique fingerprint and sends a signal to the motorized lock, which then opens the door for you. It’s thousands of times more secure than a four-digit code or a card that could fall into somebody else’s hands.

Can I still use a key?

              Yes, there is still the option of opening the door with a key.