Stratus Glass Roof Lantern

Innovative fully thermally broken lantern roof system


The purpose designed Stratus aluminium lantern roof system is discreet yet stylish. Designed from the ground up as an innovative thermally broken system, it provides excellent thermal performance – keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Available in 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design models with sizes up to 3m x 6m, this high end, high performance lantern roof is ideal for modern kitchen diner extensions. 



Designed with a hard-wearing aluminium exterior for that premium architectural look, the Stratus Roof Lantern leads the field in aesthetics and performance.

  • Up to 65% more thermally efficient than other aluminium roof lanterns
  • Hard-wearing, stunning aluminium exterior
  • A range of contemporary designs available
  • Bringing together design and comfort


Stratus Lantern Roofs come in a choice of 2 powder coated colours that can be used in combination where required, so if you want the grey aluminium look outside, but a fresher white appearance inside, with Stratus Lantern Roof, you can.


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